Harvest Moon Acoustics is a proud dealer for:

Larrivee Guitars

Morgan Guitars 

Yamaha Guitars basses and amps

Seagull Guitars and mandolins

Simon and Patrick Guitars

Takamine guitars

Sigma Guitars

Cort Guitars

Twisted Wood Ukuleles 

Kala Ukuleles

Makala Ukuleles

Roland / boss Amps, effects and accessories

Digitech effects

Vox amps and accessories

Marshall amps

Hartke amps

Shure Microphones

​Snark Tuners

​Suzuki Harmonicas and accessories

Hohner Harmonicas

Rico Reeds

Vandoren Reeds

K & K Pickups

LR Baggs Pickups

Tric Cases

Snark Tuners and accessories

Levy's Straps and accessories

Profile Accessories

Stageline Accessories

Elixir Strings

Ernie Ball Strings

D'addario Strings and accessories

Aquila Ukulele string

Jim Dunlop Strings and accessories

Due to size of the shop there is limited stock on the shelves. Harvest moon acoustics is happy to order from the above brands and many more